New radiant heating panel catalogue launched

At Flexel International, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded the range of radiant heating panels available.

This includes universal panels, which can be wall or ceiling mounted and are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. There is also a great selection of glass panels, avialble in a huge range of colours and styles. You can even have a custom digital print added to some glass heating panels.

Radiant heating panels specifically designed for commercial properties are genrally ceiling mounted. This frees up all the floor and wall space, allowing for more storage space and creating a more efficient workplace.

Finally, the range includes specialist church heaters, which are attached to pews and can be controlled individually, reducing energy consumption when heating a large space like a traditional church.

See the full range of radiant heating panels from Flexel.

Also, for more informationa, check out the new radiant heating catalogue from Flexel, dedicated to the enhanced range of radiant heating panels.