Choose radiant heating for a cleaner home

Choosing radiant underfloor heating or radiant heating panels instead of conventional hot water radiators can make it easier to keep your home clean and tidy, which is especially good for asthma or allergy sufferers.

This is mainly down to the way the different heating systems work. Hot water radiators heat the air around the radiator. The hot air then rises and cold air falls but is then heated by the radiator. This causes air to circulate in the room. THis means that allergens or dust will be picked up by the air currents and spread around the room. The shape of most hot water radiators also mkaes it easy forĀ  dust to gather on the radiator, ready to be circulated around the room when the radiator is on.

Radiant heating systems do not heat the air. Instead, the system heats the people and objects in the room. This means air currents are not created, so dust and allergens are not spread around the environment.

Also, our range of radiant heating panels are very easy to clean.

Choose radiant heating from Flexel International for clean, energy efficient heating.