Floor planner updated

We have updated the Flexel floor planner, adding lots of new products.

This will help you plan your heating project quickly and easily, showing exactly what you will need for any room in the house.

It simple and intuitive to use, allowing you to see exactly how much underfloor heating will cost before you begin.

We would love your feedback about the updated floor planner. Leave your comments below.


Phones lines fixed

The phone and fax lines are back in action.

It turns out there were two breaks in the phone lines, and these have now been fixed thanks to Call Stream and BT.

The redirect is off the lines, and you can go back to using the usual phone/fax numbers.

Of course, you can continue to email orders in to enquiries@flexel.co.uk if you would prefer.

Update on the phone lines

There has been a redirect put on the affected phone lines, so we should be getting your calls. If you still have trouble getting through, let us know.

Fax orders should be sent to 01592 754535. We are still having issues with the other fax number, which is often coming through on the phone lines. This may result in your faxes failing. The 754535 number is working fine however, and we will get any faxes you send here.

Alternatively, you can email orders to enquiries@flexel.co.uk

Problems with the phones

At Flexel International, we are currently having problems with our phone and fax lines. While we have been assured that BT engineers are working on the issue just now, it could mean some orders are missed.

If you have any orders, you can email these to enquiries@flexel.co.uk or call 01592 757313 (this phone line is still working).

Sorry for the inconvenience, and we will let you know as soon as it is sorted out.

Need technical help?

Our products are designed to be as straightforward as possible to install.

But if you have any technical questions, we are here to answer them. This could include issues about:

  • Appropriate insulation
  • Room sizes
  • Cable spacing
  • Thermostat options

Our Youtube channel includes lots of handy installation guides. If you have any other questions about installing or maintaining electrical underfloor heating call on 01592 757 313 or email enquiries@flexel.co.uk

It’s always great to hear from you.